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About The Vanjas and their first LP.

Here is an album that is big in every respect – a real feast for rock 'n' roll lovers. From the first track to the last, the accent is on the simplicity and overwhelming honesty of true rock 'n' roll. All the tracks abound in exhilarating performances from the musicians, and in the middle there is the exceptionally talented Vanja. On these sides, her personality shines through clearly and unmistakably in every number.

Ten songs provide healthy filling for a gap in the musical landscape which remained void even in these enlightened days. Little or no arty musical bullshit – pure, fearless and straight forward. The Vanja's music descends from the traditional rhythm 'n' blues, early rock 'n' roll, and soul. Vocally as well as instrumentally, The Vanjas will supply you with the kind of music that appeals to the basic emotions.

The four members, known to all as The Vanjas, live in the weathered region of Stockholm, where together they have been practising their music for the last few years. Individually, they are known as:

Vanja Lo – Singer and show-woman extraordinaire. Born in the late 80s straight into a world of decadence, growing up on the road, this one was practically brought up by music. Fearless excitement on the stage like hers is hard to find even among the most recognised performers of the past and the present. Here you have one of the rawest and most sensual voices in rock 'n' roll music.

Bon Ton – Born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden, this rock steady bass player has certainly been around. He started playing music in early childhood and formed his first blues band at the age of fifteen. He has lived a life of travelling and performing and is after all these years still enjoying it. If he gets lost in these modern times, he searches for inspiration in those old records. He might find it in garage rock, soul, punk, or of course in the blues.

Mr Magnatone – An insolently handsome and young guitarist. Brought up on the bad side of town in Stockholm, he never learned to read or write so well – but he could play the guitar just like ringing a bell. His exquisite taste in vintage guitars & amps reflects his playing style, which delivers a thunderstorm of riff-raff & honky-tonkin'. Watch him go wild when he turns up his wall of Magnatones to eleven!

The Swinger – Always wanted to become a musician, but instead he became a swing dancer. After years in the dance business he could no longer hold back his dream. He borrowed a drum kit and started practising. As a newborn musician he joined the Vanjas. Inexperienced, but raw and swingin', this drummer has excitement and passion about rock 'n' roll.

There can be little doubt that this quartet is leaving no one untouched. You haven't seen anything until you've seen them performing their live-act. These four musicians long to give you everything they've got and tear your heart inside out in euphoria. Rousing a concert, dance hall, or club audience to hysteria, The Vanjas are the hottest, most durable, and potentially most explosive of all R&B ensembles.

There can be only so many superlatives and hyperboles without becoming trite. The point has already been made!

Notes by Bruce Lightning.


released June 5, 2016

Produced by Jörgen "Jugglo" Wall with T. Jeanneau
Recorded and mixed by Jugglo
Mastered by Classe Persson

Additional players: Pontus Olsson - piano (Friday Twist, This Time), Jenny Silver - b-vocals (STOP), Bengtsson - b-vocals (I Need Love), Jugglo - percussion, organ, b-vocals



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The Vanjas Stockholm, Sweden

MEET The Vanjas. High, fly and too wet to dry!
Rough, dirty and sweet rhythm and blues. Soul that will capture your heart. And a show that will leave you satisfied, dazzled and begging for more.

Inspired by: 50s and 60s soul, RnB, blues and garage rock.
Sounds like: Ike and Tina, Little Richard , Blondie, The Sonics.
smells like: rosewood with a hint of turpentine. rosemary, basil and musk.
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